Amazon Short Stories

If you enjoyed my gaming stuff, then you can check out some of my short stories on Amazon. They come in all sorts of wonderful -- and terrifying -- flavors.

Genres: Zombie
"Just at the point that everything's been done with the zombie genre, Christopher Robin Negelein brings a fresh perspective to it!" -- 5 Stars
Late Bloomer: A twisted zombie prologue
Second Bloom: A woman getting a new start in the Necropocalypse
Growing Bloom: Amy Bloom learns trust -- and darker things
Bloom Town: Zombies were just the beginning of the End.

Science Fantasy

"Authors are often admonished to 'show, don’t tell,' and here is where Negelein is putting on a master class."
Sapphire Phoenix: The begining(?) of a strange small time thief who's determined to become a legend at the end of the Universe and maybe even time.
Strings Attached:Even legends need help. Maeve can't steal a national treasue without the best people and best occult-tech under the Tarnished Sun.
High Tides: A Tarnished Sun tale: Maeve finally comes into her own just as everything starts falling apart as she drown in the middle of a desert.


"The narrator, who is also the author, does an amazing job giving life to his characters."
Small Town Nights: A redneck monster hunter

Dark Fairy Tales
Pumpkin Tree: A dark fairy tale where cookbooks are spellbooks

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