Sunday, July 14, 2013

So it's almost midnight ... Do you know where your keyboard is?

Day job wise, it's been a rough week. It's going to be more beans and less meat next week if I want to still have some money for the writer's conference next month.

On the other hand, I managed to make a new personal record for fiction writing, 1K in 4 hours. I did real well writing this week -- and it had nothing to do with the extra free time.

In fact, I usually do lousy when I don't know when my next meal is coming. Writing is a machine that runs on mental gears you see, stress tends to gum up the works. This time, stress, family and general distractions could not detour me. Let's hope for the same next week.

But getting up early, putting my butt in the seat and typing away got some results. As it did for this Del Ray writer Jason M. Hough. Check out his story of "butt-in-seat-itude."

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