Thursday, August 8, 2013

Critical Mass is not for Nukes anymore ...

This is one of those "don't do it the way I was doing it" posts, which probably makes it a rarity out there in the blogosphere.

If I'm frank with myself, I've only really done one project at a time. I do a short story, send it out and I TRY to work on something else, but I'm really going back and looking at that same short story, wondering what I could have done better, wondering how lonely that little guy is sitting the huge unloving slush pile.

So my new angle is going to be what I call "critical mass." Instead of writing and sending out one short story at a time, I'm writing four or so right after each other, then submitting them to various pubs en mass. If one gets rejected, then its sister story is sent out the next day. The idea goes beyond just throwing something up against the wall. If editors keep seeing your name, they know that you passionate and trying. That puts you ahead of about 70 percent of the pack.

Even if you're self publishing, this a potential strategy. Think about what you -- and most other people do -- when they find a great new writer. The first thing they do is look for more of their work to buy. They've got an appetite and they want to feed it.

If they can't find anything, they go find something else they can sink their teeth into.

If they find that the next writer had more than one delectable stories, they'll buy more and gorge at the story buffet.

So it's time to get cracking at the keyboard! ... Right after lunch.

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