Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Feeling like a "real" writer

To be honest with myself, I've written thousands of words and had millions of people read my work. As an advertising copy guy, that's par for the course.
But yet I don't feel like a real writer. My heresy has always been in wanting to tell cool, fun stories. So even though I make a living writing, I'm still holding out on saying I am writer until I get a novel published.  Which the cynical grown up in me knows is silly.
That's changed a bit, lately.
I'm still shopping my latest novel around after World Con, have three shorts to edit and working on a first draft of my next novel. My fiction plate is heaped with the tasty.
I feel like I was on a diet back when I was doing one novel. Now I'm cooking with gas.
Speaking of, I wonder what's for dinner?

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