Thursday, April 24, 2014

The infamous triangle

They say there are three choices you get in every project, Fast, Cheap, or Good. Pick two.They also say that the last 10 percent of a project takes up about 80 percent of the time working on that project.

I'm discovering that writing pretty much holds to these rules. In the past couple of months, my goal of getting 7 short stories and one mini anthology out has slowed to a crawl since I've picked Cheap and Good. My great friends and family that are helping me do some final editing are all great volunteers who are doing this on their off time. So things are moving, but slowly. 

In my experience, I'd have to say that people like playing book critic. When these were just Word Docs on my computer, I had to reach out to find some volunteer editors. Once I slapped a nice ebook cover on it, people have been asking me to take a peek and "offer some advice." Maybe next time I'll get the cover done first and then write a story. Hey, it worked for the old pulps.

But hopefully soon, we'll be done and then these little stories will have to fly on their own out on the great winds of the Internet.

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