Friday, June 5, 2015

Is it too soon to say Genre Snobbery is dying?

When Kazuo Ishiguro wrote The Buried Giant, he claims that he discovered a prejudiced to orges (genre snobbery) existed.

Which seems a bit odd to me when the man has been writing for over 33 years, but it does make for a good sound byte as he promotes his book.

Better yet, it means that Ishiguro has teamed up with Neil Gaiman a man who has successfully jumped from comics (sorry, I meant graphic novels) urban fantasy to children's books, to talk about the inherent marketing con/need for respectability of the concept of genre.

One part of that public discussion happened over at the New Statesman, read it and enjoy. I do get a kick out how both writers had to wait for over a decade before their publishers felt that the new literary climate was safe enough for certain stories.

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