Thursday, August 23, 2018

Blows dust off the blog …

Irony. That’s what it is, irony.

This tortoise of a blog used to be so slow because there wasn’t really too much to say. But now things are speeding along and I can see the boulder of work rolling down my way and picking up speed.

First things first, I just had a short story picked up for the Dark Fantasy anthology, In the Shadow of Mountain, by Elder Gods Publishing.
What’s Dark Fantasy?

Depending on where you hail from in your favorite reading. Dark Fantasy is either gothic high fantasy or Ravenloft tie-in fiction. Either way, it’s dark fun.
The free version of the game I worked on, Esper Genesis, was nominated for Best Free Game by the ENnies. Sadly, we did not win. All of our fellow nominees, though, were great games, so hard to feel bad about losing there.

In the Alley Alligator Entertainment department, we are working hard to sync up our art with monsters to get the Esper Geneisis Threats Database out. Better yet, we’ve just finished the PDF of the GM screen for our Backer Kit people.

This is on top of the 17 PDFs I put out for the Cypher RPG, along with another published short story in the last two years. Within this content were at least five different new settings, five new world building exercises.

So what does the future hold?

Probably more Esper Genesis, more Cypher, perhaps more fiction and maybe a Pateron. We’ll see.


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