Saturday, March 30, 2019

Spooky Dwarves and other strange, strange things

You'll know this sort of social post that goes around.
It goes on about how everyone buys a famous brand, but they never support a friend who is trying to get their own company off the ground. Support local, support your friends and family. It gets worse for writers and their non-reading ... associates.
Co-workers, fam, whatever, not only do these people sort of roll their eyes at the little package of paper, cardboard and glue in your hand. They ask for a free copies. Not that they intend to read it, mind you. Just so it sits on their shelf to brag about knowing a guy who writes. And even if I was foolish enough to agree to give them a free copy (can a person who designs a car give away a free car?) I'd have to ask my editor for said free copies for non-reader types. Not a great way to keep that professional relationship going.
Here soon In the Shadow of the Mountain hits shelves and is already on the interwebs with12 short stories of Horror in Secondary Worlds of High Fantasy. For us D&D types, it's Ravenloft-style fiction. When you're done reading the third story, Runes, dwarves will freak you out. 
Runes, will be my latest published short so if you liked my vignettes in Esper Genesis and like Horror, you'll enjoy this. But if you don't like Horror, I've got good news for you. I've written a thing or two here and there.

My other printed short The Icy Death of Doctor Furious, can be found in Origins and Endings, Vol. 2 and is about modern pulp as you can get. 
And if you look on my Amazon Author page, you'll see that I self-published several short stories -- and narrated my own audiobook -- a few years back. 
These stories range from Dying Earth (I'm looking at you Cypher) to serialized zombie to monster hunter to dark fairy tale and more. 
Check them out and if one tickles your fancy, don't hold back! Buy it and rate. Pleeeese rate it.
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