Thursday, August 15, 2019

Welcome to an alternate reality where I'm a guest of honor!

I swear I didn't have that much to drink and yet I wake up as a Gaming GOH for Con the Cob

I've got a few panels already lined up and I'll update as the times fill in. (And don't worry, I'll be running games too.)

 Making Aliens in 5e (Esper Genesis): Interactive 
What is the difference between a fantasy monster and sci-fi creature? How does a game master portray such creatures in their alien habitats? And what makes such critters good challenges in 5e? Christopher Robin Negelein, one of the writers for the 5e sci-fi game of the ENnie nominated Esper Genesis, answers these questions and more as the audience helps conceptualize a sci-fi organism that will appear in a future Esper Genesis adventure. 
World building in the Cypher RPG: Interactive
The cypher mechanic is one of the most fun and spontaneous aspects of game play in the Cypher RPG. But many times a GM comes up blank on how to thematically fit cyphers into their next campaign. The audience and Christopher Robin Negelein will create a bespoke setting where the cyphers play an integral part of the world. Christopher, AKA Ganza Gaming, is a Cypher System Content Creator with multiple 5-star PDFs and Electrium-level sales on DriveThruRPG.Com and a game/story writer for Esper Genesis (sci-fi D&D 5e.)
Professional RPGs vs Genre Fiction World building
Raymond E. Feist, China Mieville and GRRM are authors who have mixed their creative passions for TTRPGs with fiction. But every medium has different needs when it comes to world building. Come discover and discuss these differences and how to tackle them with Christopher Robin Negelein, who is a game/story writer for Esper Genesis (sci-fi D&D 5e) and Cypher System content creator.

Also Alligator Alley Entertainment got this bad boy out. My man, Rich Lescouflair belted this out. It as a few words of mine too, so get the PDF before the beautiful hardcover tempts you in a month or two. 

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