Monday, August 31, 2020

Cypher Descriptor: Hamatar


By Christopher Robin Negelein        Art by Victoria Morreo 

You can’t miss a Hamatar when they are in a room.

They stand nearly seven-feet tall and usually the loudest guests, full of good cheer and stories. They are also hearty eaters and drinkers. After they’ve gone  The room seems much more silent.

Quite a few Hamatar families have embraced The nautical life as a tradition. Some clams to have an unbroken line of captains that go far back and beyond the Sundering. Despite that castrope, these giant rodent people have rebuilt their merchant companies of old. (Though many scholars suspect that the legendary company names from the past have been “borrowed” by new comers who have spiritual ties at best.) 

One of secrets to the Hamatar merchant companies fast growth was to utilize whatever talent they found, where they found it. Thus many employees and founding families are other species like humans, dwarves, gnomes and even a few Mortai. 

Traveling among all the different bastions, many Hamatar have picked up a command of languages. Their worldliness is expanded even further with a rite of passage that contracts young Hamatar adults as bodyguards, assistants and apprentice spell weavers. While in these short term contracts, they keep their eyes open for opportunities -- or dangers -- to their extended family. Often by not revealing how many languages they know. Never assume that switching to another tongue keeps your secrets safe around wide, alert Hamatar ears. 

Bulwark: +2 Might Pool

Skill: One additional language

Skill: You are trained in pleasant social interactions

Skill: You are trained in Navigation 

Skill: You are practiced in using axes.

Wall of Fur: Not only are you a bigger target, your legs are short compared to your size. Your speed defense is hindered.

Additional Equipment:  Depending on your contract, you may have an ax, an abacus, or a spellbook. You also have a pendant or bracelet with a sextant worked into the design. 

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

1. You had just finished your contract and the PCs were not only headed in your direction back your home bastion and it sounded like they were heading right into trouble. 

2. You met one of the PCs on your family's ship and they had an opening for your specialty.

3. Another PC knows a language that you do not. You hope to pick it up by hanging around -- while you earn some coin in the process.

4. A family elder has received a report from one of your cousins that this group of adventures were on a mission that aligned with the family business, you are making pretenses to join and ensure the danger is contained or stopped.

There ya go. Please enjoy and feel free to offer up some feedback.

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