Monday, August 31, 2020

Downshifting … it okay to do it


By Christopher Robin Negelein   

It’s been almost two months of the world going sideways for a lot of folks. In a weird way, for creative types, it can be a mixed blessing. Your social calendar has cleared and if your day job has got telecommuting, you have more time and flexibility  in your day. (And I wonder how many people will have to finally admit that a lot of companies could have been working like this for ages and it was cultural inertia, not technology)
So either as a passion project or a coping mechanism, you’ve been cranking out PDFs or other things. (I managed to squeeze in two, with the second one going from typing in handwritten notes to being uploaded in just over two weeks.) But at some point that project is done and the question is “What’s next? Is it this project or that project?”
When the answer maybe “A mid-week weekend?”
Our superpower, creative energy is like a  mental fuel source and that comes with some inherent flaws.
One part Mental
Having a mental job has its benefits, you don’t sweat as much and in theory your back lasts longer. But even in the best of times, you’re highly vulnerable to distractions. And these days are just the worst. The news and social media are just pools of anxiety if you swim in them too long. And if you are laid off right now, it’s just the worst -- I can tell you that onge from personal experience. 
One part Fuel Source
Especially if you have a day job, you never seem to have all the time for half your ideas. There’s always more crazy ideas trying to get out. Now you do have the time and while you still have all those ideas, all the energy has gone into the thing you just finished. You might even feel a little lost. 
One part Recharge
So you’ve finished a project and you’re feeling low? I hereby give you permission to take a break for however long you need. Let those batteries get back into the green before kicking ass on the next project. Just take two guilt-free days to veg, catch up with old friends or just watch some Tiger King.

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