Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pffft. Why blog about writing?

There's a short story sitting in another window that needs a little polish and some exposition before I try Amazon Singles. But here I am blogging.

It's a new skill that a lot of us have to master.  Most mid-range to high mid-range authors must blog to keep their hungry fans fed and engaged. So it's time for me to hop off the fence and ride this horse.

I've avoided blogging for a long time. I had stories to write, and no time to blog. And for a while, I knew writers who had stopped blogging for that reason.

For me that time is precious, I have a learning disad so I write slower than I like and I have to rewrite more often than not. Spontaneous, flawless blogging is not my forte.

I've discovered that blogging is a juggling act. You have to make it "steal" time from things other than writing, like surfing the Internet, watching TV or eating a snack in the kitchen. i.e., instead of procrastinating, I'm blogging.

So I'm taking a break from writing to do more writing. That's all good in my book.

It's all part of a regular pattern I've noticed in my life. Every year, I look back and say "Man, twelve months ago I thought I was serious about writing. What I've done since then blows that out of the water."  I've gotten better skills, more discipline or I got a better handle on the business side of the craft.

Who knows what I might master next year.

P.S. In keeping with the whole spontaneous thing, I'm not trying to rewrite these blogs much. So advance apologies for any massive typos.

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