Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some days it's all about the luck ... or the ebook.


So I have a unpolished trunk novel that's missing an ending and a novel that's about a third finished.

So when I see that Harper Collinshas a meager two week window for an Open Call, I feel like I got caught with my pants down.

The interesting side note is that they will take any ebooks that you wholly own the rights to. Which is one more step in that ladder that points to new authors putting their wares out on the Internet first before they even look for an agent or a publisher.

At this years awesome WorldCon, Hugh Howey (who wrote Wool) said that if hadn't been for epublsihing, the agents, publishers and Hollywood would have never come calling.

So in a past full of regrets, should have I sent my little trunk novel out in the world ages ago? I'm not sure, I'm not feeling it.

But the now's got a different vibe. I'd bet you donuts that a lot of lazy agents and publishers are seeing the Amazon as the world biggest slush pile and they're watching how we vote for best e-stories with our dollars.

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