Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Technology ... with it. without it. or in spite of it.

The process of writing is unique. For me, rewriting is a craft that requires more discipline than passion. I get a bigger charge from the creativity and creation of new characters, new worlds and new ways to emotionally connect to the reader.

That difference also means that I never have an excuse when it comes to writing my first draft. First drafts are messy affairs where needing tech is optional.

 If my laptop is down, there's my dumb smart phone*.

If my phone battery is down, there's my comp book.

If that's at home, then there's scrap paper.

So as a writer, you never have to be bored because whether you're cooking, waiting for a download, or standing in line, you have an opportunity to write. A sentence here and phrase there throughout the day adds up. And as a writer with a day job, you have to make compromises to keep your momentum -- and your morale -- going.

Your take away from this should be that nothing can stop you from writing. Not your tech, not your schedule and most of all not your attitude.

*Written with my dumb smart phone and a Nook since my laptop crashed. ... With a little formatting after the fact with my revived laptop.

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