Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Well, Part 2 of the Kindle Singles project is going to have to wait.

I'm curious about the Amazon Kindle Singles project. I also decided to blog about the experience.

 I took the dive today to submit a short story of mine ... and the KS have about a 4-week turn around, so Part 2 is going to be a while.

In the meantime the Submission Guidelines, suggests sending as much material as you can for a manuscript. That confuses me. Will they look at partial projects? Do they want simultaneous submissions?

I'm sure down the line these questions will seem pretty dumb.  But, hey.

“You're afraid of making mistakes. Don't be. Mistakes can be profited by. Man, when I was young I shoved my ignorance in people's faces. They beat me with sticks. By the time I was forty my blunt instrument had been honed to a fine cutting point for me. If you hide your ignorance, no one will hit you and you'll never learn.” 
― Ray BradburyFahrenheit 451

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