Monday, June 24, 2013

For want of a nail

... and the plans of mice and men.

I plan to go to WorldCon this year in hopes of making new friends and seeing if I can find a home for my Supernatural Western. The event is in San Antonio, it seems to be a fit.

I was hoping that by August I could say "Well, if you want to see what I already have out in the wild, then checkout this out:"

  • A successful Kickstarter project that used my short story as their immediate thank you for pledging.
  • An anthology that's got another short story of mine.
  • A epublished short that links back to the anthology's web page.
All of which are either on hold or waiting for something on hold before I can pull the trigger.

The only solace I can take from this is that you never know how publisher and editors are going to react to things. Some of them could have seen these works (all of which have different flavors and audiences) and decided ironically to turn down the perfect novel for them. It's all subjective.

I'm still going, I just don't feel like I've got any ammo in my belt.

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