Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's Con season ...

Some of them, like the Book Expo American, have already gone. Others, like World Con, are coming up. Whatever the event's name, it's an opportunity for writers to get out of their little dark rooms, fly across the nation, and then meet other professionals in dark little rooms. It's convention season.

Well, when it comes to people outside the field, I admit I'm a little weaselly about it all and call all of these shows "writer's conferences" regardless of how many T-shirts you can buy in the dealers room.

And as a professional, you need to go into a convention in that frame of mind. Of how you plan to expand your mastery of the craft, expand your business savvy and expand your network of friends.

Yep. Friends. Acting professional doesn't mean acting like a salesman. You will probably learn more sitting at the bar and using your mouth only for a moderate level of alcoholic intake than trying to impress people or constantly pitch your book.

A really great guy -- and a really great beard --- Chuck Wendig, has 25 good con going tips that you should check out. If you happen to bump into him this season, congratulate him on his Campbell nomination. Better yet, check out Mockingbird or Blue Blazes.

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