Friday, August 19, 2016

Time flies and evidently "Nerdstravaganza" is a curse word.

As some of you may know, I now do quite a bit of my writing for the Nerdstravaganza Podcast website, their content king if you will.

But I blinked and realized how sparse my on blog was looking lately. I got a wake up call, well more like a snooze bar when there a recent server blip over at the Ganza site.

It reminded me that most of that content is ONLY on the 'Ganza site. If it goes down, then a lot of my work is so much evaporated bits and bytes. That made me nervous.

Then, funny enough, my co-host Brian and I were playing No-Man's sky and discovered that both Nerdstravaganza and Ganza tripped the game profanity filters. That possibly explains why some of my lunch-time readers have complained that they can't access my free Clockwork River chapters at the Ganza site while they brown bag it at their workplace.

So that was the "last straw," and I'm going to make a concerted effort in the next few weeks to update the blog with my NG-P content, not only as a back up, but also because not every fan of Clockwork River, Zombie Bloom or the Tarnished Sun is also a 'Ganza fan.

So if you've been waiting for updates, thanks for your patience. I've just kicked out whole slew of chapters of Clockwork River for your enjoyment as an apology. Enjoy!

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