Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rolling out the RPGs goodness: Update

So I've made the jump to seeing if my talents in world building, genre love and writing can find a home in the land of table top RPGS.*

While I still have some novels floating around, it seems that either:

  • My craft is not up to snuff yet. 
  • My stories are too much of genre mismashs to be marketable in a industry that is taking less risks everyday
  • I haven't found the right combination of editor and zeitgeist to lift my ship on a rising tide
  • All or some of the above
My self-published shorts have done okay with the amount of marketing they get, but I think we've established that the days of putting a decent short story on Amazon and getting outsized results are gone. The Wild West territories of ebooks continues to shrink every day.

Perhaps the biggest challenge in RPG writing is that there is even more time taken up learning new skills and technologies. For a guy who impatiently just wants to be writing and world building all day, it's frustrating.

But in the meantime, check out my growing library of work at Drive Thru RPG through the Cypher Community Content Creator Program. 

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