Saturday, September 12, 2020

It's an official thing!

I'm joining the There be Dragons team to help expand the world of the Diamond Throne! If you like Cypher and you like fantasy, this is going to be a kickstarter for you.
The 2003 d20 Diamond Throne setting (Malhavoc Press) and the Cypher System (Monte Cook Games) were both created by Monte Cook so there's already a spiritual link between the two. 
There Be Dragons is a new international label for one of the leading Italian RPG publishers and they've already funded! In fact, bringing me on was sort of a stretch goal that became an update because of their crazy first week.
The final details are getting hammered out for exactly what I'm going to be working on, but I'll keep everyone posted! 

Go, Ganza! Go. 
 I'm open to bribes for more Cypher stuff! You can do a one-timer at , or regularly via this Patreon. Regardless, I'm still working on Solar Sails, a fantastical world of SPELLs that's JAMMERed with all sorts of the fantastical. 

Check out my 5e stuff! 

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I’ve been writing 5-star, award nominated, and Electrum selling gaming stuff for both Cypher and 5e SciFi. You'll see how it's all done behind the scenes and get free stuff after clicking that Patreon link!

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